Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Industry. Great People.

This month I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful artists. Josi, Mat, Mark, Soulever Lift, and the entire JCPenney team, you rock my world! A few comments:

From Talented Model/Actor Mat Beadroux above:
"OMG! Dixie! You are a bonafide rockstar! I could just feel the magic as we were shooting. Ive never felt so free to experiment or been able to visualize the shot as I did with you. Besides your obvious talent, your sincerity and manner that you express your ideas will take you to the top. Can't wait to show the world our magic! Xoxo" (that made my day!)

Also this month I have begun assisting at the photo studio in JcPenney's headquarters. Its is a great lesson on studio lighting and a rare find as a freelancer. There aren't many photography jobs that are 8 to 5. Basically, we work on the shoots for the company's catalogs and advertising materials. I just love this industry. I am constantly surrounded by creative, interesting, and passionate people.