Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just Do Yo Thang!

Find your passion. Feel what you love. Focus on the people who praise you for you and your work. Then continue growing in your craft the way you know how. The right people with find you. That is for certain!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Art of White

As artists, we are always on the look out for other artwork that we can identify with, relate to, and be inspired by. Personally, I draw a lot of inspiration from artists such as Jack Vettriano, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, and lastly my new fav.... Todd White. You can check out his work at I just love the surreal nature of his paintings and the way he depicts human form and interaction. Its quite comic really!

This is a quote I found under one of his paintings: "I get inspiration from everywhere but the places I seem to study the most are people in restaurants and since I eat out every night I find my self looking… no, staring, yea, I freaking will stare at someone and take in all the little mannerisms they do and put them in my drawings. This one was a woman eating with her friend and she was defiantly telling her something secretive and so damn seductive it was killing me, she caught me more that once staring and I think it was freaking her out.. ha, I felt like telling her “hey, I’m not a stalker I’m a artist” then I remembered most artists are stalkers." ~Todd White

Thats all for today! :)