Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Remember, that the original state of the minds of uneducated men is vulgar, you now know why vulgar and commonplace works please the majority. Therefore, educate your mind, and fight the hydra-headed monster-- vulgarity... Vulgarity astonishes, produces a sensation; refinement attracts by delicacy and charm and must be sought out. Vulgarity obtrudes itself, refinement is unobtrusive and requires the introduction of education". -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe this to describe where I would like my photographs to be, edgy yet refined and innocent, of unique sophistication with room for interpretation, mirroring my personality. I am sure all that makes sense to you, lol.

Last Quote for the nite:
"The type of photographs you make, the subjects you single out, reveal the person inside of you. How close you get to your subjects reveals how close you want to get." -Anonymous

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Holga 120 N

You are looking at a the newest addition and quite possibly the cheapest addition to my camera collection, a HOLGA 120N camera. It is plastic, $30, and light as a feather. The makers of this camera were all about simplicity, i mean it has about 3 settings- portrait, landscape, and night. You couldn't get much better than that. You load the square film and you are on your way to creating a piece of art right out to the camera. This is not just another complusive purchase, I've already used it in a photoshoot and plan to take it with me to L.A. next week. Ha, like I need another camera.

Speaking of simplicity, I am a firm believer that the more equipment you have, the less pictures you make. This is the main reason that I primarily use natural light in my photographs. Not to mention that I am faithfully unexperienced in studio lighting, which I am not proud of, but learning takes time. The use of daylight photography is an art. I found that it is so incredibly true that the more we learn, the more we realize we don't know. It can be frustrating at times, but overall I am happy with where I'm at.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"It is difficult to master you passions and impossible to satisfy them." -De La Sabliere