Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ad Campaign for Florsheim Shoes

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Wired and Tired

Its officially Friday night 11:14pm! I am currently drinking wine and researching diggs for a current fashion shoot I have on Sunday at 5am. One of the models just cancelled. Scrambling to find someone gorgeous and tall to fill in. A little nervous/excited. My mind won’t stop… so many ideas, so many thoughts, so many details! Thats my life in a nutshell!

Being a creative certainly has its perks...... crazy hours, interesting passionate people, beautiful locations, drinking on the job, & harnessing your inner nerd, I could go on and on…. however sometimes one just needs a break from all the glitz & glamour..... Some alone time to just be… well creative! Thats what these past few days have been about.. but somehow I still crave more time to think. A getaway to the islands would be fabulous but the thought of having to pack my bags for the 10th time this year just doesn’t sound appealing. So here I am... with my Macbook, procrastinating as usual instead of being out enjoying the world or taking in the scene.… here I sit blogging my life away!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Metropolitan Bride Magazine Cover and Editorial

Check out the current issue of Metropolitan Bride Magazine, had the opportunity to shoot the Cover and Editorial at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas this past March! Huge thanks to the MetBride team and beautiful models: Olesea and Alina! The shoot was an ultimate blast!
The Southwest Missouri issue of Metropolitan Bride is at Barnes & Noble today! It will be in all other retail location within two weeks (around Springfield Metro area). If you are needing to purchase a copy due to living out of town call the office at 417.888.2900! (

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just read this book called "The World's best selling book by Paul Arden", he is a creative genius in the advertising world... think Saatchi and Saatchi. Anyway I've paraphrased some quotes I really liked from the book.. Happy Tuesday!

"Nearly all rich and powerful people are not notable talented, educated, charming or good looking. The become rich and powerful by wanting to become rich and powerful. Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have. Without having a goal its difficult to score."

"And yes, talent does help, but it won't take you as far as ambition."

"Everybody wants to be good, but not many are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes to be great. Most people are looking for a solution, a way to become good. There is no instant solution, the only way to learn is through experience and mistakes. You will become whoever you want to be."

"You can achieve the unachievable....
Firstly, you need to aim beyond what you are capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where you abilities end. Try to do things that you are incapable of. If you think you're incapable of running a company, make that your aim and do it. If you think your unable to be on the cover of Time Magazine, make it your business to be there. Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible."

"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules."

"Do not try to follow fashion. Be true to your subject and you will be far more likely to create something that is timeless. That's where the true art lies."

Dream BIG! :)